McKinney Visiting Artist Proposed Calendar and Guidelines 2019-20

McKinneyVisiting Artist Lecture Series Proposal Guidelines for 2019-20

General information:

2019-20 Visiting Artist proposed calendar and guidelines

  • Each area will receive $2500 to fund one visiting artist. If the visiting artist stays for more than 3 days, they will be eligible for $4000.
  • Funding in the form of an Honorarium will be distributed to the artist directly and mustcover travel, lodging, artist’s meals and incidentals. What remains after these expenses will be compensation for their on campus activities.
  • Funding may be combinedamong areas to bring in an artist of higher visibility; however, no artist should receive LESS than $2500.
  • Funding may be combined with other university funding sources (like CAHI), but cannot be used to supplement student funding opportunities (like IUSA or area guilds).
  • Once your proposal is approved, you will be sent an invitation lettertemplateand checklist of the artist’s information. Please send theseto Megan Tansley for approval.
  • When the official invitation letter has been approved, Megan Tansleywill send out the letter copying the faculty host and Lisa Gough.Once the artist signstheir letter,Lisa Gough will contact the artist atleast  2weeks prior to their arrival and collect the appropriate paperwork to process their Honorarium.

Steps to proposing your visitor:

  • Each area should hold a meeting of their faculty to discuss prospective visitors, bearing in mind the $2500 limit for the year.
  • A proposal will need to be submitted to the Box folder called “2019McKinney Visiting ArtistLecture Series”by March 1st, for review and approval by the Leadership Committee during their March 8hmeeting. Area Coordinators will receive an invitation to this folder. We anticipate official invitations will be sent to artists the week of April 1st.
  • Area faculty are responsible for communicating the following withvisitorsafter receiving notification of approval: drafting an invitation, coordinating travel, arranging demos/workshops/studio visits, navigating campus and all other related activities.Do not assign these tasks to students.
  • Each proposal must contain a primary and a secondary date choice*, bio, CV, budget, promotional image and justification
  • Date of visit: *Please suggest at least 2 datesthat will work for your visitorin ranking order. Events will be scheduled as evenly possible between semesters. See attached calendar for suggested dates, lecture hall will be reserved from 4:45pm -6:30pm for every highlighted Friday.

     Bio: A paragraph bio of your artist     

     CV: A CV ofyour artist


If the proposed visitor will be leading a workshop, demonstration or any other activity that will require additional material, please provide an itemized list and associated costs. Materials will be purchased from the Area’s account.

Promotional images:

The intent is to advertise the series through various sources. Request an image of the artist and an image of their work to be used along with the paragraph bio to promote the lecture. 8x10, 300dpi, jpeg format.


Why is this artist important to bring to IU? What can they teach our students that they wouldn’t learn without their visit? If your proposal is missing the justification, it will be returned to you.

**For artist meals, please refer to the School’s Hospitality Guidelines.